Thursday, November 16, 2006

With Love.. Hilary Duff

With Love is a mellow sweet fragrance with a star anise note that raises its drinking age by at least 5 years. Young teens will buy this because it's NEW and Hilary Duff but they will not want to lick it off their arms like they do Fantasy. The delicate use of star anise saves this fragrance from being another gourmand, rather it is *gasp* a baby oriental. It warms my heart to think of pre-teens getting their feet wet in a grown up category. This would be a cozy scent to wear in the winter when looking for something lighter.

The real star of this fragrance launch is the packaging. A most beautiful creamy blue with a gold filagree border decorating even the square tester cards. This sweet girl-blue reminds me of bath and body products from the 60's with their opaque monochrome lending a solemn face to products of fancy. Didn't we used to have bicycles in that colour, heavy and perfect on Christmas? Where has this colour been for the last few decades? Mixed with pinks no doubt. How strangely retro to see it on it's own.

The photo fails to reveal the true wonderment of the Duff. So often that is the case.

Mangosteen Fruit, Exotic Spice Blend, Chai Latte,
Mangosteen Blossoms, Cocobolo Wood, Amber Milk, A
Amber Musk, Balsam, Incense.