Sunday, September 17, 2006

OOoo°°Purple Haze°°ooOO

A day of fragrance dallying. While glancing at a forum over breakfast, still unscented, I saw the word ~~rose~~. Never a favorite suddenly I had to be rosy and blushing with petals. Such an impulse and thankfully I do have one rose scent, Stella. Other people seem to smell this better than I do, the wateriness washes it all away. A beautiful draught of amberry rose that refreshes even as it vanishes. Thoroughly modern with not a single moment of powder--and of course it escapes any soap associations which is probably why it is in my collection.

Some hours later, over lunch with another forum scan, a mention of Paco Rabanne's Ultraviolet. I have a sample of this rolling around the bottom of the rather packed sample box, and after a lot of ferretting I found it. Powdery and candy-esque, reminscent of that flavour in childrens lollies immediately recognizable as "purple". Not sweet enough to put me off, and I was enjoying the powdery play when it unexpectantly went sour on me. Reflected on sour candy for a bit.. warheads, sour straps and other tartly purple goodness. Perhaps if it was dry and hot this would have been refreshing, but I eventually decided I was pushing the association buttons to no happy avail.

And so, come evening, on to Alien. Odd woody jasmine, woody the way an old vine would be, still spitting out some unenthused blossoms. Strange synthetic note that brings to mind the wonders of plastics in an almost reverent way.. Oh where would we be without them? Let us pay homage to how they have revolutionized our lives! The drydown has been likened to grape gum in the same way some experience Poison, but it seems to speak more of the old gum wrappers left in a wooden drawer, only faintly retaining their original scent. Now for some reason I find this whole experience worth repeating, judgeing by how much I have used of the bottle. I used to go back to the Guggenheim time and time again as a teenager as well, never sure if I liked a lot of what I was looking at. Perhaps not being able figure out my own response is what makes it so interesting.

Purple haze all in my eyes, uhh
Dont know if its day or night
You got me blowin, blowin my mind
Is it tomorrow, or just the end of time?


ladyjicky said...

Hi Teacake. I went to Kliens with my daughter on the weekend. I tried Songes by Goutal again and I liked the top note but it drys down to this buttery smell that just put my daughter and I off. Me more so. Felt sick and I can imagine that smell on a hot day- yuk.
I bought a lovely Italian soap - cypress. In a soap its great - strong green scent . Would not like it in spray perfume and it did not come like that either.
I am not a fan of Stella (few roses I like - Jo Malones is good) and don't go there with Alien. Room deo you give to someone you don't like! LOL
Have you been to the Kliens Shop??

teacake said...

No, I've never been to Kleins and thankyou for reminding me of it! I read somewhere they have Diptyque?

::makes a little note::

I don't know what it is about Alien, I have used up half the bottle and I still don't know what to think of it. Luckily I got it in a swap and didn't fork out the big bucks for it--very overpriced.

I haven't tried Songes but I know what you mean by that buttery note.. I won't commit to anything where I only love the top notes.

ladyjicky said...

Very wise about the love of top notes. They get you in and then - Ooooh yuk! I tried DoSon by Diptyque yesterday too. Now , this was nice but it was that topnote thing Teacake. Thank god I did not buy it!By the time we pushed around the crowds and looked here and there it went "ick". I have not bought Alien - just sniffing the bottle made me sick. Some scents do that to me.

ladyjicky said...

Teacake , I got to try the new Guerlain - Insolence at Myer Doncaster!
Well, if you like musky voilets this is for you. I was not fussed. I am not a big musk person and I would rather put my $$ into something else.
Shall be interesting what you think of it!