Thursday, May 31, 2007

A is for Architect

Allure Sensuelle is a fragrance that synesthetically matches the bitter burgundy of its box. This is the exact colour of Allure Sensuelle, a perfume that gives structure to the idea that Chanel perfumes are "abstract". Allure Sensuelle is all angular design and vision, the perfect fragrance for an Ayn Rand heroine. John Galt, come sniff my neck!

I realize A.S. is supposed to be warm, cozy, erotic, sensual according to many people's response and the perfumer's own description but I get none of that myself. A.S. is a sober fragrance with an understated classical charm. A.S. is serious dark furniture in wood paneled rooms with tall windows showing grey skies. A.S. is a winter fragrance for days you must gird yourself in preparation for. In the lab of an alchemist A.S. would have the words "apply for strength" neatly printed on the label.

Top note : Bergamot, Mandarin Orange, Pink Pepper

Middle note : Jasmine, Rose, Iris,Candied Fruit, Vetiver

Base note : French Vanilla, Amber Patchouli, Frankincense, Sensual Note

"One of the models for our fragrance Allure is an actress called Anna Mouglalis. By accident, I happened to hear her voice one day, and it surprised me. It was a deep voice, strong and almost masculine. I was very surprised by it, by the contrasts. I liked the idea of creating a fragrance after a voice because I think that one's voice is very important, it reveals an inner dimension. I think that perfume also has to do with an inner dimension, you see, so I thought it was a nice poetic idea. That was the starting point." Jacques Polge, Perfumer, on the creation of Allure Sensuelle.

Jacques Polge


Arhianrad said...

Teacake! I didn't know you had a blog!!! :D Great review! I'm very interested in the Ayn Rand-heroine comparison, I shall have to go re-sniff it...

helg said...

Yes, isn't it great how she compared the two? I thought so as well and was late to the discovery, even though AS is not my favourite Chanel.

Individual writing and great wit
Keep it up!

Cat said...

"In the lab of an alchemist A.S. would have the words "apply for strength" neatly printed on the label." I love this writing, only finding out about your blog now i enjoy reading it very much!