Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Arcana Filthy Viking

I've often seen inquiries on perfume forums asking for fragrances with mint in them. The answers given are sparse and the fragrances suggested have mint only as a minor supporting note in what is otherwise a green or a chypre or a citrus. Why mint hasn't translated well into perfume is difficult to understand once you experience the variety and creativity with which it's been used in the world of perfume oils. Filthy Viking is a great showcase of this.

"Bracing Norwegian juniper, frigid Icelandic mint and the hardy wood of a longship."

An icy mint beginning will probably be too much for some but this soon softens and the wood comes to the fore. It's pine and planks and tar and mint, masculine but beautifully soft in the drydown. This is no novelty scent, it's development is very enjoyable. The wood note and the hint of tar create a warming balance with the mint and it takes little imagination to feel the worn deck of a ship and the sharp cold air. I have tried three of Arcana's mint perfumes and they each paint their own fascinating and very different story.

At first whiff Filthy Viking really cleans the sinuses!

Competition! Identify this photo and receive some free Arcana samples!


stella polaris said...

To difficult task for me. But, I live in Norway, and have never before heard of Norwegean juniper in a perfume. I am surpriced that there actually are perfumes inspired of arctic nature! (conf. also your info on Chanel's no. 5) Would have been interesting to test..
Thank you for a nice blog! :)

stella polaris said...

ps: can it be a picture from the film The Viking, 1928?

Perfumeshrine said...

Not Ivan the Unbearable series with Jeff Doucette?

teacake said...

stella polaris I often wonder these names come from. I'd imagine there are many varieties of juniper oil and they may be assigned place names to distinguish them with little actual connection to the place. Or maybe I'm too cynical and a little dab of Filthy Viking once grew on Norwegian soil, lol.

And I am sorry to tell you both that your great guesses as to the photo are not correct, but thank you! Perfumeshrine, I should have known you would be searching your extensive film memories :)

curious said...

Can it be a picture form the Beowulf film?

teacake said...

You would have to tell me which Beowulf film if it was.. but it isn't :)

stella polaris said...

It is from the movie Erik the viking! :) Puh, it was really hard to find out

teacake said...

Nope, not Erik the Viking :)

stella polaris said...

My last try, if this is wrong I give up! (although how much I would have liked to manage to identify the picture, and to try the samples.. :)
Is is a picture of Christopher Neame as Unferth in Heroes and Demons. star trek?

teacake said...


I assume a little sleuthing as to my other interests and the sword of google has led you to victory!!

It is indeed from the Star Trek Voyager episode, Heroes and Demons (which features the Beowulf story so while not strictly viking is close enough, lol).

Email me at teacake at gmail dot com with your address and I shall gather some more samples and send them unto you!

I am quite thrilled that you got it!