Sunday, May 14, 2006

"god for the godless"

An interesting site here . Quite a chocolate box of tales some with angsty centers and others a bit over chewy perhaps. Very moreish as each article is just long enough to read with a coffee, the perfect net break "I'll just read this interesting thingie before I return to my real world duties.."

I am more opinionated than I realised as I read many of these articles wanting to butt in and correct what I perceive to be a misconception on the author's part. "No that's not right... NO, you've got that skewed.. NO NO NO that's not what it means.." Eek. This site is full of fresh points of view that I haven't always had the priviledge of reading before. I want to read all of it! You can't say that too often.

Some article titles:

Jesus and I Broke Up
Brand Name Buddhism
The Temptation of Belief

Go on, have a sticky beak.

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