Saturday, May 13, 2006

In which teacake begins her blogging life

Today I returned to a forum I had cruelly deserted and come to miss. Oh, it was sweet to be back, all the more sweet because nothing ever changes. I was attracted to a thread on 'Nudity in the Cinema, what grosses you out'. I just knew that there would be an opportunity to defend Harvey Keitel's fetching spare tire and sundry male bits as seen in most beautiful film ever made, The Piano. Harvey is always flagged in these threads as the consumate example of grossness and the male body which is SO unfair. Sure enough he was listed on the first page of the thread! I kept reading while forming my Harvey apologetic in my mind, oh I was looking forward to it.. but it was not to be. The thread was hijacked by a most tired old piece of outraged claptrap, one I had read on that particular forum in many diverse threads. A European* posted that nudity is No Big Deal in Europe in comparison to America's fondness for it's puritan prudery roots. Different perspectives, different histories, different opinions of "grossness". Just a little sociological observation I would think but Oh My those words were fife and drum to the dearly beleaguered and Harvey's boy bits were lost in the fray. Cries of "bashing America" and "why are we always attacked" and endless declarations of "we are not all the same" (as though the posters themselves never generalize). Ugh. The right to bear offense was well and truly protected. And the thread, sadly, was marked CLOSED by moderators weary of political cat fights.

*European. A person who fails to remember how America SAVED THEIR ASS in WWII.

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Dion said...

Ah, the blogging career begins!

I don't think it's a coincidence that Americans are simultaneously the ones to bluster the loudest about how superior their country is, but also the most defensive.