Wednesday, August 02, 2006

BPAL Project: Siren

"Bewitching, tantalizing and dangerously seductive. A thrilling, exotic blend -- deceptively sweet, but spiked with malice. White ginger, jasmine, and a touch of vanilla and apricot."

At it's best Siren has that intense crushed skins taste of apricot preserves done well. I can detect no ginger but there is an aromatic jasmine gently playing on the apricot. Unfortunately this is but a brief blooming of yumminess and it soon settles into a stale, vaguely fruity mishmash. The siren call of ants to the remains of afternoon tea perhaps.


ladyjicky said...

Love the scent of apricots but I wonder how I could stand it as a perfume on me? Maybe I would get a bit "sicky" of it ?????????
Did you find that Teacake?

teacake said...

Well... like many BPAL's it didn't last long enough to find out! I do enjoy the way the BPAL fruit isn't acidic as it is in so many perfumes. I can't really do the latter.

Opium Fleur Imperiale has apricot flower in it but wearing some today I think you can detect actual apricot skin. It has a bite to it that counteracts any sicky fruity thing IMO (though lets face it no one would classify Imperiale as a fruit scent.)