Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Head Cold

No BPAL for me while I work my way through the tissues. I did break down the other day and try Serpent's Kiss. There was a wonderful, almost brittle note that I loved. However after a rather vigorous nose blowing session a faint whiff of the hated BPAL cake mix spice came to me. Possibly both these impressions are dead wrong. I haven't got much Serpent's Kiss in the vial so I'm waiting until all is crystal clear to really test it. SK is one of the sticky oils which I kind of enjoy, impractical though it is to have your wrist smeared in honey.

Today I'm wearing a spot of Trouble and very lovely it is.

Photo is Charlotte Church's album Tissues and Issues


ladyjicky said...

Hope you get over your cold Teacake. Terrible not smelling much!

Anonymous said...


ladyjicky said...

Teacake - you OK? Worried.

caribou said...

I hope your cold clears up soon, teacake - I miss your reviews!


teacake said...

Thank you peoples for your kind words. I did have a bad head cold for some weeks which morphed into a bad ear problem. Somehow not being able to hear out of one ear really altered my sense of smell.. this all seems to be clearing up now though.