Thursday, June 29, 2006

BPAL : Project Sample-thon.. Snake Oil

I recently swapped many lovely decants of fine frags for a mix of BPAL imps as well as other, as yet unexplored, natural oils. I was blown away to receive jillions and squillions of imps from this swapper! A kind of panic overcame me.. what if my One True Love is in there somewhere and sloth and lack of direction keeps me from him for a year? So I vow to try one imp a day. After my first sample I am wondering if I will wake each morn thrilled at meeting a new oil or if by the end of the week I will be "Oh Tedium.." Starting with the ones spoken most highly of seems best.

Today's Imp.. Snake Oil

First impression, headshop. Then the vanilla blooms, pleasantly foody. Soon spices (apparently Indonesian) pepper the vanilla and there is a brief woody phase that is very refined. However this has now vanished to be replaced by.. cake consumed in the headshop cafe. Had I never smelled a vanilla fume I would have been enchanted. Had I smelled this as a teen I would have bathed in it. It's very nice. According to the BPAL site Snake Oil is "By far, our most popular scent! Magnetic, mysterious, and exceedingly sexual in nature." If the way to a man's loins is through his stomach I guess they could have a point but to me sexy is The Bal or Agent Provocateur.

Best Point: the spices retain a slightly woody quality.. if you hold your nose to your wrist and inhale deeply.

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