Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Wine Cooler Madness

I tested J.Lo's Miami Glow when it first came out.. eww, very unpleasant. However some rave reviews on POL sent me back one day to do a proper skin test. Apparently for some the drydown is a delicious coconut and I've been seduced by coconut before. So.. generous spray of unfragranced arm, off on walkabout for the afternoon. WELL. This is THE MOST disgusting thing I've tried in a loooooooong time. By the end of an hour I felt I'd doused myself in a cheapass pineapple wine cooler, or even more likely the sick-up from a teenage drinking bout of sugary alcohol goodness. I had to wash my jacket the next day because the smell was so pervasive, still retaining its acidity. Any coconut in there was added only to heavy the cooler hit to the unsuspecting adolescent drinker.

And to think my first impression was of suntan lotion. Bring on the Bain de Soleil, that was much more favourable.

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