Thursday, June 29, 2006

Pineapple Lumps

I like to eat candy that amuses me. If these tasty kiwi treats were named Pineapple Squares I would have only eaten them when presented with a bowl of mixed lollies. I can't imagine buying them, not that they aren't yummy in their own way. However the charm of these little chewy blocks is in their fab name, Pineapple Lumps. Who can resist? I used to get them at the milk bar, 3 for 5 cents twisted up in the white paper bag. They are fresher bought in their packet though.. you can end up with soft and chewy Pineapple Lumps or ones that break your teeth depending on how old and air exposed they are.

It's like Violet Crumble vs Crunchie. Of course Crunchies are better but why eat something with such a prosaic name when you can partake of the glories of Violet Crumble?

hmm.. I guess this explains why I've never felt the urge to sample any fragrance dupes. It's not all about the juice. It's the name, the story, the portrait of what swirls inside the bottle. I don't care if Dupe #23 smells exactly like Mitsouko it fails to charm and beguile.

Pineapple Lumps in the news!

Pineapple Lumps Thrown At Gunman

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