Friday, June 30, 2006

BPAL Project: Dragon's Milk

Today's Imp.. Dragon's Milk

Take some fairly fresh smelling cherry syrup and dump some spices in it.. mmmm.. yummy.. but perhaps some more spices would be better. Spicier, spicier.. oh no! The cherry freshness is suffocated under a bloom of euro-bakery spice. Hmm.. how can we save this. I know! A dab of almond and for a brief spell we have lovely spiced marzipan torte. But in the end there is no escaping the excess spice burden and with time the torte grows stale with the powdery melange.

Personally I think young dragons are nursed on a milk that tastes of saffron infused cognac. They have fire to develop and sticky cakes will never do the trick. Hopefully tomorrow I can choose a BPAL that has no foody element, this one was picked at random.

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