Sunday, July 02, 2006

BPAL Project: Suspiro

Suspiro "A Latin word that means to sigh or draw a deep breath, that also suggests longing, desire, yearning, and a passionate wish. Ylang ylang with white plum, white orchid, jasmine, calla lily and lily of the valley."

We begin with lily, a note I am usually avoidant of. It is only just bearable as the syrupy background mutes it. BPAL oils seem to have quite a rapid drydown and soon Suspiro is transformed into a fruity scent with lily drizzled over it. It is sweet in a pleasantly juicy way and in time matures into a beautiful summer evening scent. Very pretty. Both languid and liquid it avoids any hint of powder keeping the lily note fresh in a way new to me. Suspiro is both vulnerable and sensuous, at once desirable and a little too much. It is a scent I would miss and need to revisit on certain perfect evenings.

Photo from Fine Art Infrared Photography by Chris Maher. Many beautiful images to see there!

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