Sunday, July 30, 2006

BPAL Project: Snake Oil Revisited

My first BPAL review was of Snake Oil, the lab's most popular scent. I was very unimpressed. I did note though that I had at least two samples of Snake Oil and that there was much discussion in BPAL land about the wondrous ageing qualities of this oil. It seemed prudent to revisit, though I don't know the age of either sample.

My 5ml bottle is an entirely different creature from the imp I took my original sample from. Vanilla cream with none of that odious cake mix spice, the drydown has some solemn woods to it which beautifully compliment the still dominant vanilla. Twelve hours later the scent remains. Am I sniffing an aged bottle of Snake Oil or is this the fresh one and the imp the old soul? I guess I will have to order a new one to find out.

Painting by Vicki McDonald Leppek, Beginning & End, Minoan Snake Goddess.


ladyjicky said...

teacake, i am confused - where is this perfume coming from and can you get these scents you are reviewing in Australia? I don't worry if I can buy them or not as I am interested in your thoughts but I am curious.
Have a great sunday with your "snake" LOL

teacake said...

Hi Lady Jicky, these are perfume oils that come from this site:

I received a collection of them in a swap, hence my testing. Prior to that I had looked over the site and been kind of blaaaah.. not really into the artwork, the motif etc.. I think there are some 400 scents to choose from which is overwhelming to me. However getting kickstarted into it I am quite impressed. There are some interesting literary names and ideas on the site but the oils themselves are incredibly diverse. You can search the site by single notes that you like. Since then I have bought some on ebay. The 'imps' are 1oz samples in little glass vials which is a perfect sampleing size. They are always resellable/swappable. When I come to the end.. some day.. of my collection I will swap away for new samples.

The checkout on the site says it only ships to the US but apparently they ship all over the world. I have a link somewhere to how to do this, if you want at any point I will find it for you.

I could do more regular perfume reviews but sometimes I feel like SO MUCH has been said already I am just being redundant (that said I do have a post on #5 in mind, lol). I sample the BPAL without a cacophony of opinion in my mind as happens with regular fragrance.

If you search POL you will find quite few threads on the topic. btw they are all created by ONE person which, considering the range is quite flabbergasting.

ladyjicky said...

teacake do you think you could talk about other things as well as perfume?
I see in the paper today Camille Goutal talks about her new scent called Songe. it is a fragapani scent she smelt on holiday.
I have to get a wiff of it when next in the city. Remember the Guerlain scent called Mahora? I hated the bottle and really hated the scent. It had frangapani in it so Guerlain said but I could not detect it.
Anyway I like your site and look forward to the pictures you post!