Wednesday, July 26, 2006

BPAL Project: Verchernyaya

A little whiskey..

A little tobaccy..

A little patchouli..

A little post-coital sweetness.. or perhaps a little poppy seed paste.

This is a comfort scent that dries down to furs and lingering stories. I like it very very much. The poppy is that of poppy seed pastries with their sweet nutty quality rather than anything floral. Bury your face in a warm red fur, your ears burning in the cold and breath in deeply. Oh the leather settees in smoking rooms that fur has draped itself over.. the cedar chests at the foot of beds it has been discarded upon. How beautiful to think of fur gathering moments as the years go by and warming them for those who later seek them out.

"Vechernyaya: The Evening Star
Three white musks with poppy and patchouli."


Anonymous said...

Hello teacake, love the site!

ladyjicky said...

I am not a "patchouli girl". Hated it in the oil form in the 70's and I do not like it now. I do know others who just adore it. Ha!

teacake said...

You know I don't even remember the oil from the 70's, though I was a teenager then. I have found I do enjoy fragrance with patchouli as a grounding base for the most part. Usually it is something other than the patchouli that puts me off, for instance in Coco Mademoiselle it is the grapefruit.

So, I take it you are not a fan of Prada?

ladyjicky said...

No I am not . In the 70's we all wore oils but I went the strawberry route. Do not ask me how I did it. I could not stand strawberry now. Oh it was strong too. LOL