Saturday, July 01, 2006

Suck My Spock

Surely the best album title ever.

Warp 11 is boldly hilarious. Their website offers you some sample MP3's from their 3 unique albums. A delightful antidote to Roddenberry's commie tedium vision of Our Future. See how many eps you can find references to in this song (MP3 available on the website):

From their newest album, Boldly Go Down On Me

Rage Against The Federation

To boldly go - don’t you see?
Is just a ploy - it’s a f****** conspiracy
The final frontier
Is just a lie that kills thousands every year
‘Cause you and me - don’t you see
Brainwashed at the f****** academy
This red shirt - I’ll say it loud
It ain’t nothing but a f****** death shroud

The Red Shirts are dying
The Red Shirts are dying
The Red Shirts are dying
The Red Shirts are dying

We beam down, but not back
Before the break we were under attack
“Forward!” Captain cried from the rear and the front rank died
We get the orders - we make it so
We live fast but we don’t die slow
Our bones are crushed - our blood is spilled
The prime directive is to f****** get us…

The Red Shirts are dying
I ain’t lying
What they sellin’ you buying
While the Captain’s satisfying
His itch in a ditch with some green skinned b****
And the federation grows increasingly rich

I woke up
I went up
To where the captain’s gettin’ intimate
I showed up
I strolled up
I looked at him like I don’t give a s***
He looked up
His d*** up
But it fell before my scrutiny
He stood up
He f***** up
He didn’t know it was a mutiny


So we breathe our last breath
Beamed into space or choked to death
A phaser blast, a Klingon assault
Drained of blood and drained of salt
Bat’leth, poison spores
While the captain gets laid by alien whores
Our essence, understand
Distilled in a shape and crushed in a hand

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